Holiday Health Challenge (by Dr. Kelly McGuire, ND)

by Dr. Kelly McGuire, ND

Holiday season is upon us. Many of us think it is ok to just throw in the towel at this point in the year and start fresh after ringing in the New Year with massive resolutions to stay fit and be healthier! The truth is, this type of attitude is what gets us in trouble in the first place, and year after year we’re still struggling to achieve our wellness goals.

I have a challenge for you. Take charge of your health starting right now. Enter 2013 with more energy, a healthier weight, and be on your way to achieving your personal goals.

First I want you to remember this equation; 500 calories less per day x 7 days = 3500 calories = 1 pound of fat! This equation may make it easier to imagine how long it can take you to reach your goal weight.

Of course it’s never as simple as the math may suggest because other factors such as your body’s unique metabolism, thyroid issues, problems with insulin control, food allergies and of course how active a lifestyle you live all play a role in your body’s individual ability to burn fat. I challenge you to follow these suggestions during the holiday season to have you feeling healthier than ever when the ball drops on December 31st, 2012.

#1 ~Make a plan~ Each week sit down and plan out your groceries and healthy meal choices. Not sure if what you’re eating is healthy? Helpful resources for assessing your calorie and nutrient intake include; my fitness pal and Seeing a Naturopathic Doctor or a Nutritionist may be the preferred approach for those who are less DIY inclined. Your plan can also include key supplements such as B12, functional fiber and protein.

#2 ~Eat 3 meals per day including some protein~ Science shows that when we snack (even on celery) that the brain will not switch into fat burning mode without a minimum of 4 hours between meals. Eating smaller more frequent meals may be necessary initially to balance blood sugar in certain individuals but ultimately you want to adopt a plan of 3 moderate sized meals per day. Additionally, try eating until you are only 2/3 full and chewing your food well.

#3 ~Exercise more~ Exercise comes in many forms. The key is finding how you love to move and commit to moving for at least 180 minutes per week. Split it up however you want…Just do it. Already at this level? Switch up your routine or try increasing intensity. Try the Pilates at Core Link  !

#4 ~Organize and show off your fridge~ Always have healthy choices available at your gatherings. Some great ideas are; Organic Pumpkin Mini Truffles, vegetable platter with humus, edemame beans with sea salt, or kale chips. Eating delicious foods can be healthy too. Try hosting a potluck where everyone shares their favourite healthy recipes.

#5 ~Just say ‘no thanks’ to another drink~ Alcohol has more calories than equivalent protein or carbohydrates. If you choose to indulge be sure to have a full glass of water for every drink consumed. Better yet, offer to be the designated driver.

Best wishes for a holiday season filled with joy, happiness, and wellness.



To Stretch or Not To Stretch?

By Erin Rothenburger RMT
Registered Massage Therapist

There are 2 main categories of stretching:

1. Static Stretching: The muscle is placed in a lengthened position and held for a period of time. The holding time may vary depending on the individual or the desired results.

2. Dynamic Stretching: Involves the lengthening of muscles through active free or passive (someone else does the work for you) movement. There is no hold, but rather a flow of movement into and out of the lengthened position.

Not every “body” is created equal. Some people are naturally more flexible than others. When an individual has limited mobility and feels an ongoing sense of tightness or stiffness, then static stretching is best used between activities. If an individual is quite mobile, but has the need to limber up, then dynamic stretching is best.

Just because a muscle hurts doesn’t mean that static stretching is the answer. When a muscle is injured, often it is best to cut back on static stretching while the healing takes  place, focusing on moderate gentle dynamic stretches and movements in the mean time.

Warming up prior to activity: Whether you are a professional athlete, or are stepping outside to shovel snow (hopefully not too soon), an appropriate warm up is important in order to avoid injury. A warm up should familiarize your muscles with the activity that you are about to perform. Go through similar motions to the activity with either light weights or with no resistance. Static stretching prior to a performance may actually reduce strength and slow the nervous system.

If you are not sure which stretches are best for you, or you would like more information on how to properly perform stretches, consult your health care professional at Core Link Wellness.


Naturopathic Approach on Fever in Babies & Children

Saturday Nov 10th 10:00 am at Goodness Me! Burlington (2300 Fairview street)  click here to register

Join Dr. Kelly McGuire, ND for this informative new seminar. Kelly will explore the causes of fevers, and when to worry, as well as what to do. She will provide a naturopathic approach to treating fevers in babies and children!



Pilates : Mat classes now available!

Pilates : Mat classes now available!


 We are glad to announce that we are now opening our mat classes :

7:30 pm on Monday

9:30 am on Friday

As space is limited, call ahead to reserve in advance to join our classes.

Check in with one of our receptionist prior to the class. 

Click here to learn more about Kathleen Simpson, our Pilates instructor. 

Click here for our Pilates price list. 


Immune System Suppressors and Supporters

By Dr. Kelly McGuire, ND.

“Immune system suppressors”

  • Aging
  • Airplane travel
  • Allergies
  • Chemicals
  • Chemotherapy and radiation
  • Drugs (recreational and therapeutic)
  • Emotional extremes and stress
  • Excess Iron
  • Overeating
  • Infections
  • Lack of sleep
  • Malnutrition
  • Surgery

“Immune system supporters”

  • Proper digestion
  • Allergies, infections and fever (initially activating)
  • Amino acids from protein
  • Breathing deeply for best Oxygen exchange
  • Chemical free diet and environment
  • Exercise like yoga
  • Fasting
  • Pure water
  • Hand washing
  • Herbs; garlic, licorice, Echinacea, goldenseal, ginseng
  • Vitamins and minerals; A, B6, B12, C, E, Se, Zn etc…
  • Love
  • Laughter
  • Low fat and low sugar diet
  • Meditation and relaxation
  • Positive thinking
  • Elimination and rotation diet
  • Wholesome foods

References: Haas, E. Staying Healthy with Nutrition. The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine. New York. Celestial Arts; 2006

Cold and Flu Prevention Plan

By Dr. Kelly McGuire, ND.

Cold and Flu season is upon us. Families struggle to stay well when everyone is so busy making contact at school, daycare, work, and extracurricular activities. The good news is, there are ways that you can prevent becoming ill and actually make it through the winter feeling healthier than ever, experiencing less colds and flues. After all “It’s not the germ it’s the terrain” –L. Pasteur.

These common illnesses are caused by viruses; Rhinovirus, Coronavirus and parainfluenza virus may cause the common cold, while the flu is caused by Influenza virus. It is important to realize that these infections are self limiting, meaning they will eventually go away on their own, but can be quite serious causing hospitalization in some cases usually with influenza. Antibiotics are not indicated and are only useful for 0.5 to 5% of cases that progress to secondary bacterial infection. Globally the flu affects about 500 million people yearly usually in the late fall or winter as an outbreak.

Talk to your Naturopathic Doctor about starting a prevention plan. The most important things covered will be hand hygiene, diet and lifestyle techniques to enhance immunity and specific supplements that can be used to help prime the non-specific immune system. A natural vaccination program may also be used including homeopathic influenzinum taken orally and/or an immune boost injection. Some supplements that can be considered are Echinaceae Premium or Andrographis Complex by Mediherb. These highly researched and clinically effective products will tingle in your respiratory tissues as they help enhance your first-line immunity. Diet also plays a huge role in our immune system as well as our lactobacillus probiotic balance. Avoidance of mucous forming foods such as citrus juices or excesses of dairy and sugar is a good idea along with a foundational well balanced diet.

Get started on your prevention plan now!

(This article is not meant to act as a treatment protocol. Talk to your naturopathic doctor about what strategy is appropriate for you including doses and frequency of supplements)

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Mississauga. John Wiley & Sons Canada Ltd.; 2008.
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Osteopathic Manual Practitioner Needed

Core Link Wellness Centre is seeking a qualified and motivated Osteopathic Manual Practitioner with a strong dedicated work ethic to join our multidisciplinary team.

Opened in 2005, Core Link Wellness Centre is located South of Burlington. Our 3000-sq-ft facility, which had been totally renovated in 2010, includes a free parking lot on site, 7 treatment rooms, a Pilates studio, 2 bathrooms, a staffroom and a warm and welcoming reception/waiting room. Our clients appreciate the professional, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of our clinic. Our multidisciplinary team provides: Registered Massage therapy, Osteopathy, Naturopathic medicine, Pilates classes, Chiropractic, Reflexology, Nutrition and more (visit our website for more information:

Benefits of working at Core Link Wellness Centre:

–        Clean and fully equipped treatment rooms

–        Modern equipment, linen provided and laundered

–        Professional and dedicated full time reception (appointments booked and reminded by our friendly team of receptionists)

–        Phone, e-mail and web-based appointment booking system

–        Marketing support to assist you in building your practice: monthly e-newsletter, Facebook page updated daily, active website, attendance to local wellness show, local team sponsoring…

Our expectations:

–        You provide outstanding service to our clients who seek professional, high-end service.

–        You are reliable, enjoy interacting with clients and behave professionally.

–        In addition to providing high quality service, you are also willing to educate your clients on their path to wellness.

–        You create treatment plans to meet the clients’ needs.

–        You act as a team member and are able to work in an inter-professional team.

–        The right candidate should be (self)-motivated and willing to build his/her clientele (which includes, but not limited, seeking any networking/partnership opportunity to build his/her clientele, providing our marketing manager with any information relevant to promote your services, attendance to marketing events,  …)

–        You are available for staff meeting occasionally out of your regular hours.

If you are a graduate or a student at the Canadian College of Osteopathy (CCO) or Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and Holistic Health (CAO) and you are willing to join our team, email us your resume and cover letter ( We are looking forward to meeting you!

Learn more about Core Link Wellness Centre

Learn more about our clinic in this video featuring Steve Nagy,  the Clinic Director, interviewed by Lesley Stewart  for Terra@Home in 2012.

Who is Dr Kelly McGuire?

Who is Dr Kelly McGuire?

 By Dr Kelly McGuire ND,

” Hello my name is Kelly McGuire and I’m very excited to be joining the team at Core Link Wellness Centre. I am a young, energetic naturopathic doctor that is now practicing in Burlington. I pride myself in providing holistic care to my patients with proven naturopathic treatments. I believe that my patients and I are a team and together will work towards the best treatment plan.

With a passion for pediatric medicine, I was able to practice on the pediatric focus shift during my clinical year. As an aunt to two nieces and a nephew much of my inspiration for working with families and children of all ages is drawn from helping my sisters through their pregnancies and into motherhood. More families are looking for natural alternatives to drugs during childhood years. I strongly believe in cultivating a healthy and happy family through nutrition and lifestyle choices rooted in the principles of naturopathic medicine, using drugs as an adjunct when absolutely necessary.

Coming from a family of many women has also inspired a strong focus in Women’s health. Fertility issues, menopause, and pregnancy are all times in a women’s life when she may need greater support. I am confident that naturopathic care is an excellent choice for the 21st century woman.

I promote a physically active lifestyle for everyone. As a former Ontario artistic gymnastics champion, I know firsthand that a natural diet along with modalities like nutritional supplements, IV therapy, acupuncture and hydrotherapy can be the difference in reaching an individual’s full potential in athletics, the classroom and the workplace. On a personal note, naturopathy has changed my life for the best. I have changed my diet and wake up feeling healthier than ever by using the techniques that I’ve researched and practiced with great success on myself and my patients.

Sharing knowledge and inspiring others to take their health into their own hands is where my love of public speaking is found. Through delivering focused talks and information sessions I am able to motivate people to living their best life. Some of my more recent talks have been, “Naturopathic management of fever in childhood” and “Menopause and andropause (male menopause) and weight gain.” I am constantly learning new things and love creating handouts to educate my patients and would be happy to research information patients are seeking. Email me at if you have topic ideas.

Having worked in hospital ER settings, family practices and the operating room was a real driving force for me to pursue a career in preventative and holistic medicine. I realize there is a need for both allopathic medicine and naturopathic medicine to complement each other and am an advocate for that balance and change in the
future of our health care system.

I am so happy to be part of your health care team and I look forward to sharing the journey towards better lifestyle and health.”

Be Well,
Kelly McGuire, ND

Interested in entering a unique study about Visual Convergence Insufficiency ?

Congratulations to Steve on successfully completing his 5th year diploma at the Canadian College of Osteopathy.

He is now cleared to begin his thesis on visual convergence: The Effects of Osteopathic Treatment On Near Point Of Convergence.

If you (or someone you know) experiences double vision at close distance, you may be entitled to enter this study, limited to 12 subjects that will receive free Osteopathic treatment.

* You are eligible to enter the study if you:
– are 20 – 55 yrs. old
– are Male or Female
– have sight in both eyes
– have been tested positive for Visual Convergence Deficiency

* You are NOT eligible to enter the study if you:
– have strabismus
– have a history of concussion
– have vision problems that may be associated to medication
– are pregnant
– have neurological disorder
– received osteopathic treatment in the past 6 months

Osteopathy is a reputable and rational approach to health care. Through research such as this, we allow the public access to information and treatment outside of the norm as we seek new and innovative ways to help the people of our community.

As space is limited we invite you to sign up as soon as possible.

To contact us and learn more :

Click here 

Call : 905-592-0095

 Email :