Interested in entering a unique study about Visual Convergence Insufficiency ?

Congratulations to Steve on successfully completing his 5th year diploma at the Canadian College of Osteopathy.

He is now cleared to begin his thesis on visual convergence: The Effects of Osteopathic Treatment On Near Point Of Convergence.

If you (or someone you know) experiences double vision at close distance, you may be entitled to enter this study, limited to 12 subjects that will receive free Osteopathic treatment.

* You are eligible to enter the study if you:
– are 20 – 55 yrs. old
– are Male or Female
– have sight in both eyes
– have been tested positive for Visual Convergence Deficiency

* You are NOT eligible to enter the study if you:
– have strabismus
– have a history of concussion
– have vision problems that may be associated to medication
– are pregnant
– have neurological disorder
– received osteopathic treatment in the past 6 months

Osteopathy is a reputable and rational approach to health care. Through research such as this, we allow the public access to information and treatment outside of the norm as we seek new and innovative ways to help the people of our community.

As space is limited we invite you to sign up as soon as possible.

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