Why Organic?

by Susan J Morton CNP CPCC

The word “organic” seems to be the buzzword lately from clothing to food, but the truth of the matter is organic has always been the norm until the industrial revolution came into play then our way of life changed and not necessarily for the better.

We have been using artificial fertilizers for over 150 years now which damages and strips the soil of its vital minerals and micro organisms, Heavy duty pesticides specifically DDT were first introduced around 1943 during world war 11 and within 18 months these materials started showing up in our food supply such as meat, butter, milk, even human milk.

These   toxic agrochemicals have found their way into our soil, and our water   table.  California for instance has   such huge amounts of pesticides in their water and soil that an epidemic of   primary liver cancer has hit children who play outdoors!   If that’s not bad enough, meat may contain   higher levels of pesticides than plant foods.    Also our meat is full of growth hormones and antibiotics unless you   purchase organic grass fed meat.

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New therapists, services and products

We are very proud to introduce you to our new therapists, services and products. Core Link Wellness center is a team of health care professional offering the Burlington community the highest level of complementary care integrated in one peaceful setting.

Core Link Wellness Centre is now offering 2 new complementary services :

Custom Made Orthotics : Orthotics are shoe inserts that support or correct the alignment of the foot to reduce strain and stress on the body.  Like any stress on the body, when this particular physical stress on the body is addressed, the whole body benefits from its correction.

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Nutrition : Nutrition is the key to a healthy immune system, our front line defense against disease and premature aging. Now more than ever we need to make sure we are consuming optimal amounts of nutrients to help fight off the toxic environment we live in. Everyone is biochemically unique with different nutritional requirements.

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Learn more about our new specialists :

Kathleen is our new Pilates Intrcutor. Kathleen is a Stott Comprehensive Pilates trained instructor who uses Joseph Pilates methodology, yoga, meditation, Yamuna Body Rolling, nutrition and more for re-habilitation, Body Sculpting, Strength training and Core Conditioning. Since 2003 she has specialized in rehabilitation optimizing the function of the body’s bio-mechan…ics (nervous system) to improve posture, spinal function, release tension and decrease pain.

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Dr Kelly McGuire is joinning  KianiND Naturopathic Clinic. Kelly McGuire is a Naturopathic Doctor at Core Link Wellness Centre with a special interest in family medicine,  including men’s and women’s health, pediatrics and sports medicine.

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Pilates classes now available!

Come and meet Kathleen our new Pilates instructor!

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3rd Annual Women’s Health Symposium

3rd Annual Women’s Health Symposium

We will attend the 3rd Annual Women’s Health Symposium at Burlington Central High School on Saturday April 13th, 2013 from 12 – 4 PM. Tickets available ($20) at Brant Arts Dispensary.